24 November 2008

Scent of a Woman

I just found out that The Scientist doesn't like the smell of one of the lotions I use regularly. Doesn't like it at all. And I have been using it for years (since before we met). It's made with cocoa butter and he said to me earlier this week, "I don't like it when you smell like food." It's possible he's tried to tell me previously but I didn't get it and he didn't push the issue.

I learned while I was pregnant that you can't argue with your sense of smell. There is no way to turn it off - you can't shut your nose or plug it up like you can with your eyes or ears. Some molecule of the offending smell always finds its way in.

The bottle of lotion I have been using is (was) almost empty. It's gone now - rinsed out in the sink and the bottle put out for recycling. I got out one he got me as a present earlier this year. Since he picked it out, he should like it.


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