01 December 2008


Thanksgiving was a blur of sick, sick, sick.

The Wombat had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago but never got entirely better. Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving his daycare called to say he was running a fever. I had thought he felt warm in the morning, but couldn't get a reading over 99 from the ear thermometer. Mama intuition said, "stay home from school" but Mama long-weekend-prep-instincts (and The Scientist's input) said, "Send him, he's fine." Nope.

The situation was complicated by the fact that we had dropped the cats off at the vet's in the morning for their annual visit and shots and that I had insisted we also drop off one of our cars at the dealer. The Scientist didn't think the car had anything wrong with it but I convinced him it wouldn't hurt to have it checked by using my mad skillz in logical argumentation - I think he was swayed because the car had acted weird for him (not shifting from reverse into drive properly), not just for me.

The Scientist had wanted to do some shopping so after all the scheduled drop-offs we had lunch together (rare!) in our old neighborhood across the street from our first apartment together and headed to the mall after. That was when we got The Call from daycare. Now we were down to one car, two drivers, and three places to be.

It was 1:10 when I called the dr's office to see if they could squeeze The Wombat in. They gave us a 1:30 appointment. I warned them we would be late, but they said to come in anyway. I dropped The Scientist off at the car dealership and he called my parents for a rescue (car hadn't even been looked at yet). I frantically drove to daycare to pick up The Wombat. The teachers woke him up from his nap right as I walked in and he was groggy and confused. I loaded him into the car, bribed him with leftover raisins and M&Ms from his lunch, and headed to the pediatrician's. We arrived at 1:40, within their 15-minutes-and-you're-cancelled policy. Amazing.

Unlike our last visit where we waited over an hour to be seen by the doctor (hint: never go to the pediatrician late on a Monday), we were seen almost immediately and The Wombat was diagnosed with an ear infection in the other ear and put on a stronger antibiotic. I had the prescription sent to our local Target so I could take advantage of my "fill a prescription and get at $10 gift card." What the heck, we already spend half our paychecks there anyway.

The Scientist and my mom met me and The Wombat at Target and The Scientist drove The Wombat home in our car to finish his nap while my mom and I waited for the prescription. Once we had the prescription filled (side effects - nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea - OH GREAT), my mom drove me to pick up the cats at the vet's. As soon as we got them home (yowling all the way, luckily it's a 5 minute drive), my mom drove The Scientist to the dealer to pick up our other car while I stayed home since The Wombat was sound asleep, reading the new Nora Roberts book my mom bought at Target and lent to me. Yes, I could have swept the floor or cleaned the kitchen, but I needed a break.

Car verdict: transmission fluid leak that could have lead to serious malfunction if left unfixed. Cost: FREE (still under warranty).

The Scientist got home with the car and informed me that the vet found a heart murmur in one of the cats and he (the cat) needed to be referred to a cardiologist.

To be continued...


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