28 January 2009

25 things meme

Cheating & posting my Facebook time suck of the week her too.

25 random things about me

1. I am tired of email.
2. If I could only eat one food, it would be chocolate.
3. I thought my 2nd child was a girl (he wasn't).
4. I am lactose intolerant.
5. I would really like to get more sleep.
6. I hate trying on jeans.
7. I love snow as long as I can observe it from inside.
8. I totally stole a bunch of [my friend who sent this to me]'s answers.
9. My job is ok, but I wouldn't do it for free.
10. I wish we could visit Alaska this year.
11. My space-heater rocks.
12. I read Hollywood gossip online when I get bored during conference calls at work.
13. I don't like grapes but I do like raisins.
14. I like organizing things.
15. I don't like cleaning.
16. I think my sons are even more stubborn than I am (scary).
17. I am not afraid of confrontation.
18. I don't really like using the phone even though I like talking to people (and spend hours on the phone at work).
20. I am a huge fan of Target.
21. I played the piano seriously in elementary school and junior high - now I can't even really read music.
22. I'm not into computer games at all.
23. I like my family.
24. I can only do wimpy girly push-ups (but I'm working on it).
25. I have post-apocalyptic dreams on a regular basis. They usually involve what I will pack if I have to take my family & live in the woods.


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