09 February 2009

The Roof Is...

The roof...

The roof...

The roof is...LEAKING. With a rare February thaw today, intermittent drizzle during the day, and thunderstorms predicted for tonight.

I am not happy.

Work is crazy busy. The Scientist was out of town last week, goes out of town again this week, and then again next month. And now the roof is fucking leaking.

I just got an inheritance from my grandmother's death and instead of saving for a down payment on a bigger house (The Scientist's goal) or a remodel of our main floor bathroom (my goal), we are buying a new roof. I am glad we have this windfall just in time to spend it on something necessary. It's much less stressful than going into debt, but it still sucks. Before the leak, I had one contractor over to give us an estimate and hopefully the 2nd contractor will call me back today to schedule their estimate and I can give my business to whoever is cheaper.


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