30 October 2009

Important Halloween Questions from a 4 Year Old

Last night at bedtime after we finished his story, The Monkey sat on my lap in the dark for a snuggle before going into his bed. He had a lot on his mind, namely if mummies were real. We discussed that they were real (anyone else's 4 year old fascinated by death?) and that they were people who had been wrapped up after they were dead. He wanted clarification that real mummies didn't walk around.

We pondered mummies for a while and then the Monkey said, "Vampires aren't real. But umpires are."

I agreed with him, smothered my laughter, and put him into bed with a kiss. Then I shut his door & broke out into giggles. It took me four tries to tell The Scientist the story because I was laughing so hard.


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